Father God I bind and destroy the attack of the Incubus and Succubus Spirits and the influences that it has had over our lives for the Saints of the Most High God. Every gateway that we ignorantly (lack of knowledge) have allowed these spirits to come into our lives is now blocked and destroyed in the name of Jesus. Every perverted thought, dream and visionary seed that these spirits had planted in our minds is bound and cast out in the Name of Jesus!

Father forgive us where we (whether knowingly or unknowingly) came into agreement with these unclean spirits. I thank you God for exposing these demons and giving the family of God the knowledge and authority to break ties with the Incubus and Succubus spirits. I declare that we as the members of your Holy Body of Christ, are no longer in agreement with the thoughts and ungodly beliefs that these spirits carry. I command that the Incubus and Succubus spirit be gone in the Name of Jesus. Every ungodly soul tie that was connected to me (us) is now broken under The Blood of Jesus and every yoke destroyed because of the Anointing of Jesus Christ in our lives! Every generational attack that the these spirits performed through my lineage is now destroyed in the Name of Jesus. Our children and family will walk in a new level of freedom and authority from this day forward in the name of Jesus!

No longer will we entertain or partner with these demons and give into their influences and unclean will. I ask that you to continue to fill us all up with your truth, knowledge and that your glory be revealed through me and all of the saints of God. Thank You for the boldness you have given us to walk in your truth in love. Thank You God for cleansing my mind and spirit from the perversion of the enemy. We will continue to cast down those demonic spirits and their influences through our thoughts as they try to attack my subconscious mind. I will love my spouse the way you intended me to love them. I will walk in purity from this day forward in Jesus Name we pray and believe! It is so!


In Christ's Love, Grace and Peace
Patrick Lesane