Write the vision... Make It Plain!

Look at God!! What God has for me (us) it is for me (us). And no devil or his imps is going to stop God's MEGA Momentum and MEGA Movement of His Glory being revealed as we continue to access the Holy Spirit and go after the what looks like the impossible!

I encourage all to write down something that they thought about doing in passing. An example, while visiting a friend out of town I passed a jail in the middle of town. I became angry. I said,"I should run for mayor because why would you put a huge jail in the middle of the city. Little did I know that years later I would be moving to Durham where there is a huge jail. Money spent on jails but at the time children were still going to school in trailers.

My point being, that there are dreams and visions in each and everyone of us that will not just affect us, but change our communities, regions and the world. This is the perfect time to give the Daddy permission to begin to reveal them to us.

Grace and MEGA Blessings,

Veronica Ray Haynes