Bradly Rapier Fatherheart Ministries A school Testimony

Fatherheart Ministries does a one week immersion school with two main purposes: 1. Develop a deep Biblical understanding of the Love of the Father 2. Experience the love of the Father. "I will be a Father TO you, and you will be my sons and Daughters, says God ALmighty."

The Father's Heart - Please join us for an amazing experience of revelation of the Father's Love through Fatherheart Ministries on July 30-August 5, 2017 @ our partner ministry KPIC Celebracion Cristiana - Durham, NC . Please enjoy the testimony of one of our awesome facilitators/speakers: Brady Rapier!!!

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Forgiveness is one of the foundational principles of our faith in Jesus Christ. As our heavenly Father continues to amaze us with His unconditional love which is inclusive of His profound, undeserved forgiveness of our sins, it's this unconditional love and the forgiveness of my sins that has me pondering a somewhat baffling phenomenon that is evident in the Body of Christ today. If the scriptures are clear (which they are...) and our faith in God is predicated on His Word (which it is as the Word is Jesus Himself...), why do we continually witness so many brothers and sisters in Christ absolutely ignoring this basic Kingdom principle?

As we pray and discover more revelation of the agape ...

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