Let's Talk About It! For-GIVE

Forgiveness is one of the foundational principles of our faith in Jesus Christ. As our heavenly Father continues to amaze us with His unconditional love which is inclusive of His profound, undeserved forgiveness of our sins, it's this unconditional love and the forgiveness of my sins that has me pondering a somewhat baffling phenomenon that is evident in the Body of Christ today. If the scriptures are clear (which they are...) and our faith in God is predicated on His Word (which it is as the Word is Jesus Himself...), why do we continually witness so many brothers and sisters in Christ absolutely ignoring this basic Kingdom principle?

As we pray and discover more revelation of the agape love and eternal forgiveness of the Father, we learn that it's in our understanding of these principles that we should intentionally pursue forgiveness in our natural relationships here on earth. Merriam Webster describes the word FOR a: Used as a function word to indicate purpose and b: used as a function word to indicate an intended goal.

Brothers and sisters, let's begin to make FOR-giveness (purposeful, functional and the intended goal of drawing others to Christ) as our accepted heavenly mandate. Let us (intentionally) lay aside every weight of sin (unforgiveness is root of many other sins I've discovered in my walk), and let us GIVE our unwavering love, patience and kindness to our family, friends, and loved ones who may have hurt us in some fashion. Remember, we ALL have fallen short of the glory of God, so whether we understand it, acknowledge it, or embrace it, we each have hurt the heart of God at some point in time. Chances are... there's someone out there that you wounded too!

It takes the heart of the Father, but today, I can say I sincerely forgive those who have trespassed against me over the course of this journey called life; and because I have repented to God, and apologized to those who I've (unintentionally, I add for emphasis) caused pain, even though some refused to hear my heart, I know that I am forgiven by the Father. That's the truth of "For God so loved the world..." It's in the "FOR" that I not only receive my forgiveness, but I reap abundance of purposeful and intentional life sharing God's love and forgiveness with others that advances the Kingdom of God and HIS agenda in the earth!

Let's Talk About it! Anyone ever feel like they could NEVER forgive someone?