The Spirit of Adoption! A Father's Heart!

The love of a Heavenly Father... the (broken) heart of an orphan. The Spirit of Adoption vs. the Spirit of Rejection. Your story should be God's story... For God so loved the world! The great news is that when we learned that as we begin to embrace the fullness of the earthly assignment of our Savior Jesus Christ as noted in scriptures, Luke 4:18, (getting beyond just being "saved") we can then begin to truly experience the overwhelming love of God through the spiritual healing and mending of our hearts. No more brokenness, no more rejection, no more hurt. Be encouraged today, receive the healing needed from the Father and embrace the Spirit of Adoption through the love of God. He said it, so we know He's FAITHFUL AND TRUE! Reject the rejector - the enemy of our souls - so that we can share the love of God with others who are lost in sin, as well as those who are struggling to believe the truth that God IS LOVE!