Healing Rooms

The Cov Healing Rooms

In the scripture Luke 4:18, the Word of God speaks of Jesus’ mission. The “healing the broken-hearted” text provides response for the creation of The Cov Healing Rooms that ministers to the Whole Man - Mind, Body, and Soul. Our desire is to TEACH biblical truth of the healing power of God through the Holy Spirit that will facilitate transformation and restoration of our minds and hearts. We believe that we ALL need some form of healing, whether in your body, your emotions or spirit. Are you believing God to heal your broken-heart, receive peace in your mind, and soul? Come receive ALL that our heavenly Father’s heart has to offer through the amazing grace and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ! Note: These Healing Room Sessions are scheduled by appointment. Typical sessions are 3-hours in length. Call to schedule initial consultation with ministerial team member via Video Conference or leave voicemail on 919.361.3003. A Staff member will contact you within 48 hours to make arrangement. If in crisis, please contact your local health professional accordingly.

The Cov Church Healing Rooms represent our heart-felt ministry of compassion, the love of God through The Cross of Jesus Christ, and His forgiveness that leads to everlasting healing and peace. Our approach to ministry of deep inner healing and lasting freedom from influences from the enemies of God is based upon the Integrated Ministry of Restoring the Foundations (RTF). This is based upon the premise that there are four sources of problems for humanity, which according to RTF founders, Chester and Betsy Kylstra are: Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life Hurts and Demonic Oppression. More information and biblical resources available on their website restoringthefoundations.org.