Our Culture

Our Holy Spirit-Filled Culture

We recognize that every believer has spiritual gifts given by God and are welcomed to share those gifts in our church; these gifts were created to edify and build-up believers in their faith; the gifts of the Holy Spirit also demonstrate God’s power, character and supernatural virtue that empowers us to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ in the world. (I Corinthians 12 & Acts 2)

We intentionally posture our hearts and minds with humility before God; and through our worship gatherings, we actively seek Holy Spirit-filled experiences and encounters with Him that ignites the “true worshipper” in us as believers. (John 4:23-24)

We encourage and passionately welcome all worshippers to participate in the worship experience and encounter the move of The Holy Spirit; we respect all expressions of the believers faith in Jesus Christ through the worship experience.

We celebrate those stepping out on faith to share their gifts. As we grow in our Holy Spirit gifting(s), we honor that, at times, a believer may release a prophetic word and it seems to miss the mark. We will not shame or chastise, but lovingly provide direction and instruction.

We honor all worshippers and provide a safe environment that protects the dignity of the believer. If there is a worshipper that is experiencing God in a manner that draws attention to themselves, our altar ministers/counselors will assist in getting the person to a more private environment that they will be able to receive and respond to what God is doing at that moment.

We minister to others and exercise spiritual gifts through love and faith. The altar counseling ministry is very precious to us as we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the Will of the Father for your life. We may share a prophetic word, a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom, but ONLY as led of the Holy Spirit. Nothing will ever be spoken during altar ministry that’s intended to manipulate or control the believer.

We embrace the family of God in oneness and unity as originally intended. We view the worship experience as unified (corporate) in its scope, so we focus on maturing and development of the church as a whole (the Body of Christ) instead of personal edification of individuals.