Write the vision... Make It Plain!

Look at God!! What God has for me (us) it is for me (us). And no devil or his imps is going to stop God's MEGA Momentum and MEGA Movement of His Glory being revealed as we continue to access the Holy Spirit and go after the what looks like the impossible!

I encourage all to write down something that they thought about doing in passing. An example, while visiting a friend out of town I passed a jail in the middle of town. I became angry. I said,"I should run for mayor because why would you put a huge jail in the middle of the city. Little did I know that years later I would be moving to Durham where there is a huge jail. Money spent on jails but at the time children were still going to school ...

I Choose the Holy Spirit Over My Intellect

One of the issues I've had for a while is I felt as if being a disciple of Christ meant "dummying" myself down from my educated mindset, which therefore explains why I didn't like the "image" of being a Christ follower. Growing up under the influence of a religious spirit, coupled with the other "norms" of the AA church, is what made me run away from it, especially with the hurt I received from others in that ministry at the time. This caused me to fight against the image as hard as I could once I broke free from the spirit of religiosity. In the midst of this, God also revealed to me that while He gave me the intelligence I have, there are times where I will need to place it secondarily ...


Father God I bind and destroy the attack of the Incubus and Succubus Spirits and the influences that it has had over our lives for the Saints of the Most High God. Every gateway that we ignorantly (lack of knowledge) have allowed these spirits to come into our lives is now blocked and destroyed in the name of Jesus. Every perverted thought, dream and visionary seed that these spirits had planted in our minds is bound and cast out in the Name of Jesus!

Father forgive us where we (whether knowingly or unknowingly) came into agreement with these unclean spirits. I thank you God for exposing these demons and giving the family of God the knowledge and authority to break ties with the Incubus and S...

MEGA Fast Day 8 Prophetic New Beginnings

Today (Tuesday, 1/16/18) is day 8 of our 21-day MEGA Fast for MEGA Breakthrough and Victory in Jesus name! As a prophetic culture in God's Kingdom, let's start seeking the Father for greater (MEGA) DIMENSIONs of His Glory as it relates to increase in our prophetic culture corporately, and greater revelation and discernment of God's prophetic instruction for the Kingdom in 2018. We are ALL Prophetic people according to the Word of God in

1 Corinthians 14:31
31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

So let's GO!!! Let's keep prophesying to one another, exhorting one another, edifying, and providing comfort whenever needed. Here's an article from Apostle ...

Kingdom WORD - MEGA 2018!!!

Happy New Year! After attending the New Year's Weekend Prophetic Conference with Pastor Michael Rogers and Apostle Ryan LeStrange, we are receiving so much confirmation, revelation and impartation from the Father regarding His desires for MEGA for His chosen people. Thank you Apostle Ryan for releasing As a Kingdom family, flowing in a prophetic culture, we are earnestly looking to embrace greater levels in Christ through MEGA Faith, walking together in agreement for MEGA Alignments, accepting both our individual and corporate MEGA Assignments, believing God for MEGA Harvest of souls, so we can experience God's MEGA GLORY in the earth!

We will NOT accept mediocrity! #MEGAOnly

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Revelation of the Father's Heart!

Bradly Rapier Fatherheart Ministries A school Testimony

Fatherheart Ministries does a one week immersion school with two main purposes: 1. Develop a deep Biblical understanding of the Love of the Father 2. Experience the love of the Father. "I will be a Father TO you, and you will be my sons and Daughters, says God ALmighty."

The Father's Heart - Please join us for an amazing experience of revelation of the Father's Love through Fatherheart Ministries on July 30-August 5, 2017 @ our partner ministry KPIC Celebracion Cristiana - Durham, NC . Please enjoy the testimony of one of our awesome facilitators/speakers: Brady Rapier!!!

Register NOW!!!

Let's Talk About It! For-GIVE

Forgiveness is one of the foundational principles of our faith in Jesus Christ. As our heavenly Father continues to amaze us with His unconditional love which is inclusive of His profound, undeserved forgiveness of our sins, it's this unconditional love and the forgiveness of my sins that has me pondering a somewhat baffling phenomenon that is evident in the Body of Christ today. If the scriptures are clear (which they are...) and our faith in God is predicated on His Word (which it is as the Word is Jesus Himself...), why do we continually witness so many brothers and sisters in Christ absolutely ignoring this basic Kingdom principle?

As we pray and discover more revelation of the agape ...

The Amazing Start - Relaunch of The Cov Church International!

What a powerful and amazing couple they are! Murray and Ash Smith, Pastors of Catch the Fire - Raleigh/Durham, not only imparted such great words of wisdom at our Relaunch Kickoff session. They focused on our Father's love, and not only did they prophesy and encourage us, but also they demonstrated the true heart of Kingdom family as referred to as "liquid love" flowing from our heavenly Father. When you've recently met a person who has not had an opportunity to spend "quality time" with you, yet, because of the Spirit of a loving Father God that connects us spiritually, you feel like you've known each other for eternity... well you actually HAVE, as God created us all in His image in et...

The Spirit of Adoption! Hear Our heart. Hear our Story.

What has life's experiences taught you about transition? Dennis & Kathy share more of their heart concerning the change of vision and how excited they are to start fresh!